How Ductless Heating and Cooling Works


For Residential and
Commercial Applications

A ductless heating and cooling system is a great and less expensive HVAC option for adding permanent heating and cooling comfort to your home that does not have duct-work installed. This is a better option for older homes that only have baseboard heating installed considering the that installing central heating and cooling in an older home can be quite expensive especially when you factor in duct-work installation.

How It Works

Just like any other heating and cooling system in the market, we are taking the heat from your house and taking it outside for a nice and cooling effect. For heating, we reverse the cooling process and pump the warm outside air to your home. For the ductless heating and cooling system, it’s all a matter of capturing and transferring heat. Now that we know how they work, what are the advantages of having our ductless heating and cooling systems installed in your home?

Energy Efficiency

Our heat pumps are the most efficient means of heating and cooling your home. They work more or less like the cruise control in your car, meaning they use the least energy required to match the heating and cooling needs in your home perfectly.

If the heating or cooling needs in your house reduce, so too does the energy consumption of the ductless heating and cooling system. This avoids the constant turning on or off of your system, which can be a huge waste of electricity.

Excellent Indoor Air Quality

For many of us, indoor air quality is a big concern. We offer varied types of filters that trap and kill most airborne allergens. These filters are also very efficient at removing unwanted odors when regularly and adequately maintained.
Saving Our Planet
Ductless heat pumps and air conditioners lower your carbon footprint compared to the conventional heating and cooling systems. Our ductless heating and cooling systems are small in size and have great zoning capabilities, providing you with greater energy efficiency. Less energy consumption equals a greener and happier planet.

Our ductless heating and cooling systems also feature the great advances in chemistry and technology. We use a refrigerant known as R410A that is renowned for its environment friendliness owing to the fact that it has a zero ozone depletion. So, every time you are operating one of our heating and cooling systems, you can rest secure you are having less impact on your environment.

Fast and Easy Installations

What makes our ductless heating and cooling systems ideal for your home is that, they are less invasive compared to the conventional heating and air conditioning systems that can take weeks to fix the duct-work.

We can be in and out of your home within a day depending on the number of indoor and outdoor items required for your space. The best part is that with our models, you don’t have to worry about bringing down your walls or ceilings or losing some square footage to create space for duct installations.

Cost Efficiency

Our ductless heating and cooling systems are a way cheaper than the traditional heating and cooling systems. For one, energy is lost as cold or hot air is transmitted through duct work meaning your utility costs will skyrocket. The cost of duct-work is another factor to consider. That what makes our ductless models the heating and air conditioning, the system of choice.

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