Offering ductless heating systems to Kitsap County and beyond.


If your heating bills are sky-high, maybe it’s time to rethink your heating system. If you have a traditional gas, oil, or electric heating system, NW Ductless can help. Our ductless heating systems will bring down your monthly heating bill, significantly, and benefit the environment, all while keeping your home evenly warm all throughout cold weather. Compared to baseboard heating, one of the most popular types of heating systems, ductless heating systems will heat an entire room, rather than just the bubble around the baseboard system. Baseboard systems may be 100% efficient, but ductless heating systems are 300% efficient for two times less money. If you need an alternative to gas and oil heating, ductless heating systems are your first choice.

Choosing the NW Ductless heating option is not only smarter,

Daikin-ductless-dealersafer, and more cost effective, but it also lowers your energy consumption. You will notice a significant decrease in your monthly bills as well as being environmentally conscious. Choosing this method of heating is a no-brainer. You save money, heat your home, and save the future of the planet. It is vitally important to change the way we are living today so that the earth is taken care of in the future for our children and grandchildren.

daikin-ductlesst-systemTraditional heating systems use a normal heat pump system that starts and stops due to changes in indoor temperature. Every time the heating system needs to start back up to do its job, it uses unnecessary energy. Ductless heating systems use a variable speed compressor that constantly runs, but never overheats. When your home reaches the correct temperature, it simply slows down, keeping the room evenly heated and completely comfortable. NW Ductless provides a range of ductless heating system services, including sales, installation, and maintenance. When you work with NW Ductless, you work with the same people every time. We’re here to keep your home warm!
NW Ductless installs Daikin ductless Heating and Air Conditioning because we believe it is the best. Once we install it, people are very happy. They are the most reliable brand of any that we have installed and one of the reasons for that is Daikin makes virtually every component that goes into their machine themselves . Bottom line is because we stand behind everything we install, We choose to install the brand that is easiest to stand behind.